In Which Barcelona has Lots of Churches

I promised la Catedral, and here’s where I deliver. But first, here’s a few more pictures of the apartment I’m staying in:

Tiny door for regular-sized people.

The building is gorgeous and old and I’ve never seen anything like it. There are no screens on the windows and when someone flushes the toilet anywhere in the building, I hear a huge rush of water outside my window. I can also hear the peoples’ conversations above me. I want a place just like this.

The apartment is really close the la catedral, and I walk past it on my way to nearly everything.  It’s a big gathering place so the plaza is always filled with lots of people, and on Thursdays there’s a little antique market. I though it would be there everyday so I waited…then found out it was once a week. Bummeroo. Here’s a little video I shot of the plaza with some guys playing music in the background.


More inside:

This reminded me of the Like A Prayer video
This reminded me of the Like A Prayer video
Wtf is this?

Those electric candles are totally cheating. You put in a 50 cent coin and a candle lights up. It’s not the same to God.

Sox Were Here–1356CE
Twelve geese as one of their compatriots passed.

This is the Font de les Oques. Rumor has it that Eulalia, the patron saint of Barcelona, suffered 13 tortures at the hands of the Romans when she was only thirteen years old for wanting to convert to Christianity. Thirteen white geese live here to represent those things, I guess. There were only twelve when I visited because one died, and you can only introduce geese into gaggles in pairs or the rest of the geese will kill it. So right now they’re waiting for another goose to die.

Piece of the Roman Wall. It's fine.
Piece of the Roman Wall. It’s fine.

Ruin of the Roman Wall in the middle of the city. Cool, but you know.

I think this is breaking a rule of some sort, but I don’t know the name of this church. It’s not even a good picture of it.

I suck at travel photography.

This mystery church was much more to my liking. Nothing compares to the gothic architecture of the Cathedral, but this church felt like more of a place of worship. It was quiet, we were the only ones in there, there were real prayer candles instead of electric ones, and it smelled like a church.

Frightened altar boy
Altar boy’s view–there were little steps that led up and everything.
Y La Virgen, claro.

Lots of souls burning in purgatory.

Then I ran into this store:

They have a Baby Jesus section.

So those are the two churches I’ve visited. Seems like they’re a dime a dozen ’round these parts. Beautiful, but on every corner.

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