Bike Dreams: A Roundup

Van Heesch Copper Bike

I’m in the market for a new bike. I love the one I have dearly: she really is the sweetest bike I’ve ever seen, and I’m so lucky I get to come home to this every night:

I call her Cutie Face.

Part cruiser, part road bike, she’s perfect in my eyes. Lemon yellow and bookish as all get out. But she’s SO HEAVY. I didn’t even realize how heavy my bike is until I picked up Tony’s bike that weighs all of three pounds. While I owe my glutes of steel (jk) to lugging my bike up and down flights of El stairs, I want something faster, lighter, sleeker.

The thing is, I don’t have a clue about bikes. I don’t know how they work (in fact, Science only recently found out how they work) or how the parts fit together or how to build one. But I do know what looks good; my eye is drawn to bicycles that look like they belong to literature professors. Fall bikes. Bikes to take on a picnic or an apple orchard. Cozy bikes you can wear cute skirts in.

I know this is all aesthetic. I genuinely admire and am pretty intimidated by full-fledged Bike Folk. YouknowwhatI’msayin. Especially the lady Bike Folk. They zoom past me on their pretty bikes that they know how to fix and I just try to stay out of the way. They wear shorts and don’t need step-through frames. They look cool in their helmets.

Anyway. Here are a few bikes I’ve been eyeing. I really like fenders, leather saddles and baskets, clearly. I’m fairly sure my next bike will be green.

Bedford by Public Bikes
Vanilla Commuter
Vanilla Commuter
Electra Gypsy
Pashley Clubman Country
Feather Cycles
The Little Mule Co.
The Chief by Heritage Bicycles
I saw this in a parking lot. It’s a Huffy.

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