Do More Yoga (to Dubstep).

Know what’s fun? Flowing to dubstep.

Not for every practice. Certainly not for teaching. I know it’s over. I KNOW. But once in a while, when you’re down for an intense flow, put on some Skrillex and see what it does for you. Just try it. Trust me.

You know what? Just. Here:

You’re welcome.


In other awesome yoga news, the other day I signed up to participate in Rod Stryker’s workshop in March! I’m getting pretty fangirl about it, actually. It’ll be like the time I met Lance Bass from NSync when I was 14 and cried afterward. Lance wasn’t even my favorite. Joey was…is.

The best part is I’ll be helping out with the workshop, so I’ll get to meet other parayogis, and maybe even get a glimpse of Rod eating a sandwich or cracking a dirty joke or doing other things we civilians participate in. And you can bet your tush there will be a Yoga Schooled post about this, for real.

Also, check out this rad video about gluten from Dr. John Douillard. (Rad video about gluten? Moving on.) Instead of demonizing gluten, Dr. D recommends enjoying it during certain times of year, when our bodies are meant to. I love dietary theory, and love especially the idea that we are built to consume various foods depending on certain times of the year. Also, that one type or group of food is never always bad. Or always good, for that matter.

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