Bloody Mary Green Juice: The Game Changer

Now without the hooch!

This morning I woke up with the most intense craving for tomato juice. Spicy, fresh, tangy-sweet tomato juice. A huge shift from my regular sweet-ish breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, but what tummy wants, tummy gets.

Now usually I’m not a big fan of green juices; the lack of sweetness from fruit weirds me out. When I learned that juicing too much fruit can negatively impact your blood sugar levels (along with too much fruit in general), I retired my juicer because of it. But this morning, as I was giddily assembling it to juice some tomatoes, I had a revelation:

What if I dressed up my green juice like a bloody mary?

Complete with Cholula hot sauce,  ACV, Himalayan salt, and aminos. (Vodka optional.) After all, a bloody mary is just vegetable juice with spicy things and booze, right?

I decided I’d add some dino kale to up the nutrition of this baby, so the final product is green, not red like a traditional bloody mary. But boy, does it taste like (a virgin) one. I can totally get on this green juice bandwagon.

Bloody Mary Green Juice

2 tomatoes

2 stalks celery

2 handfuls lacinato kale

1/2 lemon


Pink Himalayan salt


A few dashes of Cholula

Splash of apple cider vinegar

Squeeze of liquid aminos

1. Juice the tomatoes, celery, kale and lemon.

2. Go to town with the fixins.

I kinda wish I had a jalapeno laying around so I could juice that baby too. Maybe next time. What’s great about this recipe (and bloody marys in general) is that you can fix them up however your heart desires: add a pickle, a cucumber spear, olives–let your tummy be your guide.

Needless to say, I drank this on my porch and it absolutely hit the spot. Could I finally be turned on to fruitless green juices? Yes!

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