A Day in the Life: Surrender to Strange


What a weird and beautiful day! Things feel mixed up and a little ungrounded for me lately: my mind is filled with plans and thoughts of travel, love, work and play–all areas that tend to be action-packed with emotion! I woke up this morning feeling a little anxious, but then I listened to this song:

Allow me:

“Yeah, it’s strange, but not all that strange.

Yeah, it’s strange, but what’s so strange about that?

Yeah, it’s strange, but what isn’t strange?

Yeah, it’s strange but oh well.”

Oh, Built to Spill, you and your timeless wordsmithery. Everything’s weird, so just release and let it flow. The Universe has got my back and these things are happening for spectacular, amazing reasons.

THEN, I pulled a card from my super rad Goddess Guidance Oracle deck:


Various meanings of this card:

  • Don’t worry what others think or say
  • Heal the situation with love
  • Send love to those who have hurt or misjudged you
  • Forgive yourself for what you think you’ve done or not done
  • Release old unforgiveness toward others to help yourself heal and move on

So people who encounter me today: be prepared to be loved the crap out of. During my meditation yesterday, I realized that I, myself, feel wonderful and supported. It’s only when my mind drifts to what other people think, or entertains various outcomes of situations, do I start to feel anxiety. It’s not easy, but every time I feel a bit of tension rise up within me, I remind myself that I am OK, and I am complete and on my path. And I feel better. Woah, right?

P.S. I highly, highly recommend scoring yourself a deck of Goddess Cards. I got mine last week and have been pulling one in the morning every day for really cool reminders and insights.

Anyway, so I’m working to redirect my usual reaction of anxiety at uncertainty to appreciation at the sweet exhilaration of change. This ties into all these kooky documentaries I’ve been watching about sacred geometry. It sounds nuts, but watch one and maybe you’ll venture down the rabbit hole. Here’s a nice primer. If it seems a little out there, glean what you can and take it all with a grain of salt. Winky smile emoticon.

I love the idea of a drawing meditation. When I was in Andalucia last summer I’d sit with a notebook and draw the patterns I saw on the tile of a set of stairs or carved into the incredible moorish-inspired buildings. I recently grabbed a compass to draw and meditate on the flower of life.


Not sure if my vibration rose, but it’s really relaxing to swirl the compass around the page. Plus I got to whip out my colored pencils.

So that’s what I’m up to today: surrendering to the divine strangeness of it all. What are some ways you remind yourself to let go?

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