To Do: Costa Rica


This is a promise: I am making international travel a Thing.

With a capital T. If you have a lowercase “thing,” it’s a fleeting affair, you’re on a kick:

I’ve got a thing for pumpkin puree right now.

I’m gonna try doing this caffeine-free thing.

But when it’s an uppercase “Thing,” it’s a priority. Just like yoga, chocolate, and magical realists are my some of my Things. I will always have those in my life, because they reside in my bones and delight me on a level few other things touch. And now, international travel is officially one of my Things.

I spend 5 weeks abroad last summer, and it was life-changing. You can read all about it here. It nurtured me, it challenged me, it was both the loneliest and the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done. I’m a stronger woman because of these five, piddly weeks wandering through Spain and Turkey.

I’m taking a vow, here and now, that I will travel internationally on an annual basis, for as long as I can. In November, it will be Costa Rica.

So why Costa Rica? Why not Costa Rica?

When in doubt, travel.

By getting out of your regular environment, you quite literally change your perspective on your surroundings, which makes it easier to change your perspective about the things you’re pondering. My big trip last summer unearthed clarity, joy and a heapful of gratitude–not only for the places I visited, but for my home and the people I love.

I’m in a little bit of a funky place right now–I’m growing my business and envisioning what that looks like. My personal relationships are transforming. I finally, at 27 ripe years old, am starting to feel like I’m just now knowing the kind of woman I’m capable of being. BTW: she’s an effing badass.

With all this change, I could definitely use a bit of time away from home. I won’t be travelling along this time, but with my amazing, brilliant sister. She’s having the kind of life conundrum that is par for the course in your early twenties, and I have a feeling this trip will empower and ignite her. Oh, and she practices yoga, so the chances that we’ll come back with feathers in our hair,  chanting in Sanskrit and talking about how we’re all One Love are pretty much 100%.


Laid back is the theme for this trip–because what else can you be in a tropical paradise? We’re flying into San Jose, staying a couple nights, then traveling to Puerto Viejo to stay in a yoga studio/hostel/chocolate cafe-type establishment, which pretty much sounds like a place I could stay forever. From there, Tamarindo and Montezuma are on the agenda, but we’re flexible and not booking anything until we actually get there.

Adventure is transformational.

What is it about the thrill of exploring some place unknown. New experience bring out this glowing, creative energy within us that reminds us that everything is possible. It sweetly demands manifestation, that we indulge our desires to become whole, joyful beings. Traveling is just the finger pointing toward the moon; this expansive, thaumaturgic energy is always present. It’s just easier to feel while sipping pina coladas on a white sand beach or ziplining through the rainforest. The trick is bringing that feeling back with you. To stay inspired while in your usual surroundings. To feel magical and keep scheming and constructing and working.

Either way, this trip will be amazing! So how about a little help: Have you been to Costa Rica? What are some can’t-miss spots?

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