Finding the Courage to Pursue Joy

Sisterly Advice
Sisterly Advice

I was deep in conversation with Vanessa yesterday. It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago, we were barefoot in the tropical sunshine, sipping at coconuts through straws, traipsing through the jungle, and waking up to spend a good ten minutes scratching our mosquito bites. Obviously our destination was amazing, but traveling with her was delightful. Our energy levels, attitudes and interests meshed perfectly. When you find a good travel partner every corner of the world seem effortlessly accessible, and I’m so lucky she’s my own sister.

So yes, we were chatting yesterday. We’re both at different points in our lives: she’s taking a break from her studies to more fully realize what it is she wants to do with her life; I’m contemplating a big move to the tropics to continue learning about yoga, holistic wellness and living a little more simply. One thing we can agree on: it’s scary as hell.

What lights you up? What ignites you?

That moment when you think of someone or doing something, and an inescapable joy wells up within you and the corners of your mouth curl up as you’re transported.

This is how I’ve been gauging my bliss. This is how I know I’m on the right path. I perform this little test and know that if I feel that bliss bubble up, the person, place or thing I’m thinking of is worth pursuing.


Outrageous happiness.
Outrageous jungle happiness.

This is what I’ve been keeping in mind lately:

  • Trust that your joy will lead you to where you’re supposed to be
  • You are taking steps to creating a magnificent life, even if the big picture isn’t clear right now
  • You are supported and safe; you have everything you need inside you
  • Enjoy the ride!

3 thoughts on “Finding the Courage to Pursue Joy

  1. Ok I just posted a comment but I think we ate it. Anyway, this post is speaking right to my heart. Another way I know is that if something fills me with an excited terror, then it’s the way to go. I’m about to be 39 and I’m still chasing dreams because why not? Let’s do this thing!

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