Interview: Wandering Yogis of the World

During my travels in Costa Rica, I met the most amazing people, including the inspirational travel vixen, Lara the Barefoot Blogger. Her light and energy is so uplifting, and her courageousness is inspirational! I was just tickled when she asked to interview me as a part of her Wandering Yogis of the World series, and here’s the final product:


Having your yoga practice instills this feeling in you that you are always home ~ Raquel

Name: Raquel Alexandra Scianna
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Profession: Yoga Teacher, Wellness Coach, Chocolate Eater
Favorite Book: Vladamir Nabokov’s Collected Short Stories
Favorite Movie: Jacob’s Ladder

Where did your yoga journey begin?
The first time I took yoga was in a dance class that I was taking in high school. Then it was kind of on and off, interspersed with pilates. In college I interviewed a woman, for my journalism major, who was a hoola-hoop dancer and a yoga teacher. I would go and take her yoga class and then I would interview her afterwards. That’s when I started doing yoga regularly; that is where the journey really began.

Read the rest at The Barefoot Blogger.


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