Sip & Steam: Teas for your Mug or your Bajo

palomiteasI’ve written about bajos before: they’re a nourishing, grounding way to take care of both you and your palomita. Steaming your nethers has a huge amount of benefits, from regulating your moon cycle and easing PMS to treating yeasties, PCOS & fibroids. It’s becoming more popular, but I won’t stop until “I’d love to but I’m steaming my vagina tonight,” is a valid and widely accepted way to turn down social invitations.

One of my favorite ways of choosing herbs for this practice is intuitively: I rummage through my kitchen cabinet, tasting and nibbling at culinary herbs I have on hand before choosing a few to toss into a saucepan.

Many of the herbs that are safe for below the belt activities are also good for ingesting–after all, we’re talking about internal, sensitive areas here.

While mixing up my latest batch of palomita tea, I tasted the decoction as it was cooling–a savory mix of rosemary, tarragon and passionflower–and it was delicious. And a little unsurprising that I found it nourishing.

Your body calls to the plants that she needs, whether ingesting them, smelling them, or tasting them. Of course a tea I’m called to intuitively will nourish me on many levels, regardless of how it is being administered.

In this spirit, I’ve been playing with mixing together herbs that are traditionally used for women’s health, are delicious to taste and will also give your little dove a little love.

Try these recipes to drink or to steam with, adding and substituting as you see fit. Check out my post on steaming for a detailed how-to, and follow this general recipe to make your tea:

Heat about a quart of water in a saucepan. Add the herbs–about a 3/4 cup total–top with a lid (to keep all the oils from evaporating) and simmer for about 10 minutes. Turn the heat off and let it sit for about 5 minutes.


Oh, hey there. Have a V-day celebration that has nothing to do with a sainted Roman martyr. Almost all of these herbs are gentle aphrodisiacs that increase blood flow and facilitate the production of feel-good hormones.

Mantra as you sip or steam:
“I am fiery sex-creatrix. I am inspired, pleasured & satisfied in all areas of my life.”

Herbs to use:

  • Damiana
  • Chamomile
  • Shatavari Root
  • Cinnamon

Super Cycle

Regulate and vitalize your cycle! All these herbs are perfect tonics to get your cycle back on track or keep it regular. These lady-friendly herbs have been used for dillions (yes, dillions) of years to ease PMS symptoms, regulate hormones and make your moon time easy and breezy.

Mantra as you sip or steam:
“I am balanced & grounded. I delight in the power of my cycles.”

Herbs to use:

  • Raspberry leaf
  • Licorice root
  • Nettle
  • Rose petals

Out, Demon Spirit!

This baby is specifically formulated for when you’re particularly imbalanced: yeast infections, UTIs and other lady-part maladies can pretty much ruin everything. Exorcise that noise and tune into what’s really throwing your system off, physically, mentally and/or emotionally.

Mantra as you sip or steam:
“I am safe. I am healing. All is well.”

Herbs to use:

  • Lemongrass
  • Pau d’Arco
  • Calendula
  • Uva Ursi

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