Sri Sessions 002: Kirsten Warner & Devi Yoga for Women

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Happy new moon, lovely ones!

Today I’m talking with Kirsten Warner is one of my favorite people on the planet: her women’s work, wild authenticity and depth of knowledge make her an amazing teacher, and she’s seriously one of the funniest, goofiest people I know. I feel blessed to call her my friend and mentor.

In the next hour, we talk about what sets women’s yoga apart other styles, and why women’s community is so hip, happenin’ and crucial right now. I’ve also included a little New Moon ritual for you to manifest your biggest, baddest desires for the upcoming mont.

So make some tea or pour some bourbon, kick back and enjoy.

Show notes:

About Kirsten, in her own words:

One thing you should know about me is that everything I offer has come directly from my own experience.  Yet, I am not claiming to be an expert in any of it.  In fact, as a wildly busy mother of two, I know all too well how easy it is for everyday life to leave us feeling depleted, isolated and uninspired. I teach what I do because I don’t know what I would do without yoga. Through all of the ups and downs that are inherent in this embodied existence, yoga consistently opens me up and gives me perspective.

Over the years I have been fortunate to study with some pretty amazing teachers and I am grateful for every wacky twist and turn in my life that has led me to this point.  After many, many years of study and practice and the deep learning that comes from living constantly at my edge, my humanity still trembles in fear as I continue to grow.  Crawling out of my comfortable cave into the bright light of a fully given life, I am doing my best to keep trusting the unseen forces that have been guiding me along the way.

Over time, I have found the love and support of others to be an essential part of my journey. This is one reason why I am so passionate about creating connections and building community. In the eyes and hearts of others I find reflections of where I am already open and where I have room to grow. Yoga and community are both powerful tools for transforming our limiting beliefs and finding more freedom in our lives. It is my intention to help people come into more connection with their true selves, each other and the divine grace which holds us all.

I am dedicated to living at the edge of conscious evolution and I am as committed to my own growth and unfolding as I am to serving others. I take every opportunity I can to deepen my own knowledge, experience and understanding of all things related to yoga and to living an empowered and awakened life.

I am super passionate about creating connections and a sense of community among students. I have attended several programs with the Matrix Leadership Institute and participated in Women’s Group Facilitator Trainings with the Awakening Women Institute in California.  My own radical transformation as a woman and yogini has inspired me to work with the energies of the divine feminine and use yoga and connections to help to empower, heal and awaken. I feel strongly that when we come together in community we can support each other to step into our full potential and live as forces of love and positive change in the world.

I have been a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1989 and am an E-RYT 500 instructor with over 16 years of teaching experience. In addition to leading ongoing classes, workshops and retreats, I have developed several Yoga Alliance approved teacher-training programs.

Sometimes I jokingly refer to myself as a yogini goddess supermom, and some days it almost does feels like that.  Mostly though, its not that glamorous.  Dishes and carpools, working  at my desk while simultaneously hollering at my kids to stop fighting. Dreaming big about making a difference for women in the world and trying to celebrate simple goodness in every ordinary day.  Grateful for my family, our health, heartbreak, magic, the Rocky Mountains, side splitting laughter, gluten free chocolate chip cookies and the yoga that keeps me sane.   Moment by moment, breath by breath, doing my best to navigate the wild currents of this crazy beautiful life with a little grace and a whole lot of love.


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