SS008: Women’s Circles & Body Image with Aubry Hoffman


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Today is a doozy, sugars. We’ve got the Full Moon, we’ve got the Summer Solstice, we’ve got Aubry Hoffman  on the line talking women’s circles, the balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, body image, media…oh my!

Also, whether you’ve been listening for a while or this is your first episode with me, I invite you to leave a review on ITunes, should you feel inclined. It’s a huge help to get the show a little more visible!

Let’s get this show on the road–pour your summer beverage of choice (rosé, anyone?) and enjoy!

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Show Notes:

About Aubry:

aubry.pngAubry is a Teen Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Mama, Blogger, Speaker and Self-Love Expert. She works to empower teen girls to develop a positive body image. With over 15 years experience working with teens, Aubry launched Teen Health Coach because she saw a need to communicate to teen girls their inherent worth and value. Aubry works with teens one-on-one, leads small groups and goes into high schools to teach yoga and mindfulness. Her mission in life is to inspire a whole generation of teenagers to love and accept themselves and to realize they are beautiful exactly as they are.

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