SS009: Conscious Relationship & Luscious Movement with Amy Segreti

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Happy New Moon, lovers!

Tonight, the moon moves into Cancer–a sign that hugely emanates love, nourishment, emotiveness and cozying down, hard. Amy and I are talking just those things today: self-care in the form of movement practice, and how moving your gorgeous body can unlock hidden wisdom. We also talk relationships: what to do when you start eyeing someone other than your partner, and how to have constructive communication and conversation around your relationships as they evolve.

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Show Notes:

About Amy, in her own words:


I’m Amy Segreti, and I help people communicate, expand and invite magic into their lives.

I’ve been a writer and editor rooted in the blustery world of journalism for 12 years. Fluent in Spanish and AP style, I’ve worked as everything from publisher to managing editor to news editor to reporter.

My #1 passion is writing. Whether I’m working on an investigative story, a narrative feature, a poem or a pun, I strive to be the conduit for a genuine connection between subject, reader and self. It’s a love-triangle hit for me. I’m also a 200-hour certified yoga teacher, in addition to being Level 1 certified in Reiki. I love exploring different modalities for healing and diving deeper into our Selves.

I have been known to sneak avocados into restaurants if I notice they do not have them on the menu. I have been reprimanded for this. And yet, I continue my life of crime.

I adore dance and authentic body movement; it is an integral part of my  self-expression. I’ve been on a salsa dancing team and love playing with different aerial dance modalities, including aerial silks, pole and cyr wheel, aerial hoop, in addition to hula-hooping and general booty shaking.

I am a life connoisseur and believe that pleasure, breathing and dropping in are more important than grinding through anything. Creativity comes to those with soft space to receive it.

The work I do revolves around enhancing and beautifying communication—with ourselves and with others. I believe that self-inquiry is the way through to full self-expression—and that self-expression is the key to our happiness and vitality.

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