SS010: Inclusive Spaces & Redefining Sexy with Jenna Noah, MA, LPCC

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Happy New Moon, lovers!

The new moon is a time for introspection, reflection. There is something transforming beneath the surface–the membrane of collective chrysalis churns and bulges with what is about to emerge. This impending emerging is potent: I see it in the world, in the people I know, and in myself. We are about to burst forth in a way that is more powerful, exquisite and awe-inducing than we could ever imagine. How do we prepare ourselves for what is forthcoming? 

Let us treat ourselves with the utmost care. To trust ourselves to be the sacred vessels, the soul warriors and midwives to the new story that we are–for we cannot be otherwise, even if we tried. To treat our beings as the precious, wild and sensitive creatures they are. We are nourishing a great transformation, and every morsel of food, every iota of movement, every inhale and exhale can be a prayer for the change that is coming.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed. I recently spoke with my teacher about the great fear I have in my heart, a fear about violence, about scarcity, about the sadness and hurt that fuels our current political, social and cultural climate. Then she said: “We are supposed to come together as one.” Everything that is happening now is a call to unite, to lift each other up, to help each other out. To take the community and generational medicine that we’ve been ignoring. “We are supposed to come together as one.”

Fear blocks the direct connection with the Divine. We chose to be in these bodies in these times, and we have nothing to be afraid of, because we are enough. We are strong enough, wise enough, powerful enough to break what needs to be broken, to create what yearns to be created, to remember what we have forgotten.

Today, I’m talking with Jenna Noah, who is a creatrix. She is the founder of Conscious Burlesque and co-owner of Alchemy of Movement, a Boulder dance studio that has become one of my own temples of transformation. In this conversation, we talk about creating inclusive spaces, dancing with rage, navigating the intensity of our cultural climate, conscious burlesque, and redefining our relationships with our bodies.

In other words, you’re in for a doozy. Sit back and enjoy this episode of the Sri Sessions.

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Show Notes:

About Jenna Noah, Psychotherapist, MA, LPCC, (PhD pending)

JennaTeacherPhotoJenna Noah has a private practice in Boulder, CO. She specializes in couples, relationships, sexuality, gender transitioning, LGBTQ issues, and more. She sees clients in person and online (Via Skype). Jenna received her Master’s degree in Contemplative Psychotherapy from Naropa University. And is currently pursuing her PhD at Saybrook University with a specialization in Existential Therapy. Her dissertation is focused on sexuality and female empowerment. Jenna is the founder of Conscious Burlesque®.

Jenna is a member of AGPA (American Group Psychological Association) and leads process groups around topics of sexuality. Therapeutically Jenna works primarily with those going through a major life changes such as:

  • relationship issues
  • body image issues & eating disorders
  • divorce or loss of a major relationship
  • trauma (sexual or not)
  • menopause
  • miscarriage or abortion
  • addiction
  • coming out
  • gender transitions

Jenna integrates mindful body based awareness into her therapy practice. LGBTQ and BDSM friendly.

Reach Jenna at:, 510-508-1549.

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