A Beautiful & Dangerous Assignment


On Saturday, I was part of an estimated 2.9 million demonstration for love, compassion, unity & a world where everyone of us is safe, abundant, and happy.

My social media feed is still full to the brim of eloquent, fiery, heart-wrenching and mind-expanding talks, speeches and articles about our times now, and I feel it in my bon

I am interested in the spark that woke you up early Saturday morning and kept you going (with the help of caffeine, perhaps) to the early afternoon. I’m interested in what keeps you participating in the resistance that ISN’T marching–the quiet one that starts with phone calls and conversations and small, revolutionary acts. I’m  keeps you angry, keeps you craving, keeps you creating.

It’s an instinct, isn’t it?

The Durga Instinct to protect, the Kali Instinct to rage at injustice, the Tlazolteotl Instinct to swallow the filth  we see around us and transmute it to light. We have suddenly become, for all to see, the Lioness with bloody jaws protecting her cubs, the Priestess with her arms high in the midst of a roaring storm, the Midwife tending, encouraging, allowing the safe emergence of a new creation.

A mere five days into this presidency, and I’m already seeing things that terrify me. From the slow approval of what is probably the most unqualified cabinet in history, to moving forward with the pipeline, to building that ridiculous wall, to repealing the ACA. The bigotry that others see on a daily basis in this country is being revealed to my darling, privileged eyes one veil at a time.

This is not the last of it. It has only begun.

Is it surprising? We already knew this was coming, didn’t we? This monstrous shadow creature that humanity has created over our time on this earth will not go down with a few marches, demonstrations, and signatures of a handful of petitions.

We will be wrecked in this battle. We will suffer just as those who came before us suffered, just as our brothers and sisters of color NOW suffer, just as women, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and the impoverished suffer. Just as the 1%, in their way, suffer.

It is a purging, for we must FEEL the collective anguish in order to release it. We’ve held the grief of our ancestors in silence, just as they did.

They had us in mind when they prayed for deliverance. We chose this time because we are warriors, because we were dreamed into this existence for this very purpose. Our destinies as Uniters are mapped in the stars and etched into our bones.  It is their voices that come through our mouths when we scream, chant, yell, sing for unity.

Caroline Casey had a brilliant insight: “What if replaced the phrase ‘our trauma’ with ‘our beautiful and dangerous assignment?'”

What if we called this time now the same thing? What if all our past experiences and tribulations–in this life and previous ones–were actually gifts of the exact tools that each of us would need to shatter this Shadow World?

Yes, it has only begun. Yes, we will suffer even more deeply. Yes, we will come out bleeding, wild, raw, and supremely victorious as One.

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