SS011: Shadow Play, Social Justice, Movement & More with Livia Cohen-Shapiro

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Happy (belated) New Moon, wonderfuls! The New Moon Juju is still potent–can you feel it?

Woo, this is the first episode in a while. Lots of things have gone down: personally, culturally, socially. It’s the end of the world as we know it, but that’s a good thing.

Today, I’m talking to Livia Cohen-Shapiro of Ecstatic Unfoldment and Applied Psychology for Yogis. This woman is a tour-de-force, and she’s the perfect one to be talking about the Shadow with. In this conversation, we go over aspects of the shadow that are reflected in ourselves, our world, and how to deal without totally losing it. We talk about the practice of moving our bodies and the evolution of that relationship, and lots of social justice.

In other words, you’re in for a doozy. Sit back and enjoy this episode of the Sri Sessions.

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Show Notes:

About Livia, in her own words:


I am an acquired taste to say the least. Often people say I am a breath of fresh air. Its probably because I swear a lot and tell the blunt truth. My friends tell me I am a mystic and a thug. I consider myself a teacher, writer, artist, counselor, spiritual activist and forever a student. I am uninterested in fluff and woowoo. I am utterly convinced that TRUST, HONESTY, and TRUTH in ourselves, each other, and in this planet is what we must cultivate.

My work encompasses two words: EXPANSION and REPERTOIRE. Essentially I help people get from point A to point B and look head on at all the junk in between. My deepest wish is to help students and teachers of yoga grow their ranges of motion and emotion through steady asana practice, somatic education, and body centered mentorship/counseling. In working to bridge the gap between yoga and modern psychology, I am, along with others, advancing our modern yoga culture to encompass both greater psychological health and re-inspired ideas of ancient yogic wisdom.

I call this work Ecstatic Unfoldment. I believe that we are creatures meant to expand and grow. But that these do not preclude or omit pain and suffering. My hope is that we can learn to use everything and anything as fodder for the fire of souls evolution–which can be done through yoga, ritual, meditation, dance, relationships, and self knowing. Learn more about this method and read our manifesto here.

I created Applied Psychology For Yogis as a way to bring essential somatic psychology tools to the lives, practice and teaching of dedicated yoga students and instructors. Together we unfurl our processes more gracefully and authentically while teaching yoga with ever more nuanced psychological knowhow.

Reach Livia here.

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