Kisses not Curses, Or, I Don’t Understand Hexing Trump


Straight up: I don’t understand this whole Cursing the President thing.

Yes, prayer/magic/truth/manifestation/whatever you wanna call your brand of JUJU has its place in politics, society and economics.

Yes, we’re angry and wounded and feel the necessary and righteous rage toward what seems to be the root of our world’s ills.

But is this how we’re spending our precious energy and intention?

This administration is not the CAUSE of what’s going on in the world. The administration is a SYMPTOM of a deeper illness. This has been happening under the surface of society in more opaque and more transparent iterations since this country’s birth.

We, after all, are a country of colonizers on stolen, built by slaves. That story, along with our personal/ancestral stories of the colonizer-colonized dynamic.

Therefore, putting all this effort into Trump breaking his thumbs so he can’t tweet, or other way of ebbing this man’s influence, is not going to solve the larger issue he is the product of. Even if he gets impeached, we still have his goofy cabinet to deal with, and inherent racism and bigotry that is rampant in this country.

Cursing people, even mean people who themselves are wounded, will not heal the racism, bigotry, hatred and divisiveness we ALL have in our hearts.

In fact, when we do shitty things to people, regardless if they had it coming or not, we create deeper rifts–the divide grows wider.

When we do good work and work to heal others, we heal ourselves.

Which is why it’s so important that we DO HEALING WORK. So that we ourselves can heal.

In many ways as we wake up to our true selves and the knowledge that we are inherent Creators, we’re like Trump (Oh my God, I said it.): Essentially a toddler with a new toy we can’t quite figure out.

What do we wanna do when we acquire this new toy? Hurt the Baddies that hurt us. What’s a more efficient place to put our effort? Using that power with discernment and healing the collective.

Art by  Alexandra Dvornikova

We are in the middle of a grassroots revival where the power is being put back into the hands of the People.

That’s where we’re going, it’s already in the GPS and we’re on that bus.

So, now that we have more influence and are aware of our power, we must acknowledge that exquisite, focused effort made to open the hearts of the people with compassion and appreciation and prosperity and safety will heal this country’s lineage.

That is what will not only get the current administration out, but bring in a new, progressive story written by loving, woke, and whole Dreamers.

AKA: You.

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