IMG_3493I’m Raquel: A soul-streaker, a ritual weaver. I am devout medicinal mover and curious creatrix. I pursue the Divine like a Lover. Above all things, I am an insatiable Seeker.

What ignites me? Helping women heal their relationships with their bodies and how they nourish them. Through this gateway, we inevitably hit on some serious spirituality. It’s all part of the fun.

I believe you are rising, Woman.

In order to give this old story a final shove off the edge of the Earth, we must band together in sacred sisterhood and holy community.

We must create peace with our bodies: they are divinely gifted and a path to our highest knowing.

We must fine-tune our intuition, because you already have all you need.

Big plans, right? This is how we do it:

Your body is the key to innate wisdom. Plugging into that wisdom is an all-access pass to creativity, passion, and exuberant living.

We have forgotten the knowledge of our ancestors: that we are whole, that we already know what we need to heal ourselves. Turning off the noise that orbits around us, getting quiet, and following that inner knowing is the path to self-healing.

Healing your relationship with your body, your relationships with loved ones, money,

Together, we use movement, community, mentoring and ritual-crafting to get where you want to be. We reach deep into our roots to gather up that wisdom to heal ourselves, and then the world.

That’s right: The World.

You already have the toolkit. Learn to use the tools.

Ready to rise? Get at me to schedule some time to connect.

The Cred

Yoga & Movement

I’m a constant seeker and workshop junkie: I hunt down knowledge because I’m passionate about this path!

I received my certification at the 200-hr level from Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago in 2012, where I completed almost 800 practice hours under world-renowned instructors like Gabriel Halpern, Aadil Palkhivala, Tias Little and more.

In 2015, I completed my training in prenatal yoga with Katie Wise & Kirsten Warner. I’m also smack-dab in the middle of my second 200-hr with Devi Yoga for Women.

It is my firm belief that the best teachers are students; the current faves I have studied most recently with are Rod Stryker, Sean Corne and Kirsten Warner.

I study ecstatic dance with Hannah Kinderlehrer, and am a certified Awaken the Dance™ teacher. I assist in yoga, movement and healing trainings internationally, and am available for Sacred Space & Ritual Creation modules in your yoga and movement trainings. Drop me a line and let’s talk.

Tantra and women’s spirituality are my jam.

Coaching & Other Goodies

I received my coaching certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2013, and continue my studies in Traditional Latino Medicine & Herbalism and wellness with Rachel Thomas in Talamanca, Costa Rica, where I also study and participate in Mexica spiritual traditions.

I have also completed the The Way of the Shaman® Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism with Robbie Staufer through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and study Mayan Spiritual Healing through The Arvigo Institute.

What has informed my own journey, and what I teach my students, is that personal practice is key: no one can tell you what you already know deep within yourself.
You are your own Guru.

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