I was lucky enough to have a week of one-on-one yoga classes (and many dinners and chats) with Raquel while I stayed at Blue Osa in Costa Rica in May. Before working with her, I’d never quite found the sweet spot with yoga classes and had questioned for a long time whether it was for me – some classes I’d attended weren’t focused enough on the physical to keep me challenged, others were solely focused on getting a ‘yoga body’ – but hers had just the right balance. Now I know exactly what I’m looking for in a yoga class, and am feeling much more attuned to my body and its potential. –Nicola T.


Upon first working with Raquel I simply wanted to lose weight and feel better about myself. I’m already a confident outgoing person, but I needed help getting to the root of my issues and overhauling them. She help me set small, attainable goals that helped me change slowly. Things I wanted for myself and helped hold me accountable. Then, things changed. It wasn’t just about weight loss or feeling better. It was about being the best version of myself I could possibly be…She rejoiced with me in my triumphs and also cried with me when I was bruised and broken. But what really spoke to her abilities was when she wasn’t afraid to put me in my place…With Raquel’s help I am the most happy with myself mentally and emotionally that I have ever been in my entire life. I never expected that. My life is truly better by knowing and working with this amazing woman. –Megan H.


As the director of a wellness center, I meet a lot of practitioners and have many great conversations with staff. There is something unique about Raquel Alexandra though… She is realistic yet optimistic, well-organized yet totally open-minded and she never fails to encourage me, gently guiding me towards my true self. Raquel’s enthusiasm for life is wonderfully contagious. –Rachel Thomas, director and owner of Hidden Garden Wellness Center


The positive energy, professionalism, insight and devotion Raquel brings to yoga as both an instructor and practitioner are both genuine and infectious. The joy she derives from her practice is obvious, and with thoughtful guidance she demonstrates a thorough capability to bring her students with her on a path of mindful, healthful practice…Her expert practice and instruction readily demonstrate the skill, patience and happiness she has thoughtfully cultivated.  -Tony G.


[Raquel] fills a room with wisdom and peace…She is a giving teacher who views experiences as chances to grow and learn, as well as a source of reciprocation of knowledge. Raquel is a teacher who places herself beside her students, never above them. –Isyemille L.


Raquel has a very calming air about her, and a soothing voice which immediately relaxes you even before class starts…each session is tailored for that specific group, and Raquel is really in tune to her students’ needs and abilities…Raquel’s class was the first time I saw yoga as more than just relaxation–it is challenging, and worked my muscles in new ways! -Nicole A.


I always looked forward to yoga class after a stressful day teaching 4th graders. Knowing that I would see Raquel once a week helped to keep me in a positive mind set at work. I enjoyed each and every class because it was never the same. Raquel is very knowledgable about the body, in tune with individual needs of her yogis, and is always positive. -Lisa W.

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