Everyday Ritual: A Course in Crafting Ceremony


Everyday Ritual

A 4-Week Course in Crafting Daily Sacred Ceremony

These times are rough. Whether you pay attention to the news or are respectfully bowing out of the onslaught of headlines, we are all feeling a collective yearning to contribute, to serve, to heal ourselves and others.

Ritual is the way to do this.

Now, ritual can be anything from the way you prepare your coffee, to a cigarette after a meal, to an hour-long asana practice followed by 20 minutes of meditation.

Ritual, with a capital R, is a summons to action. It is a prayer, a clarion call, a powerful message into the world to materialize your desires, deepest longings, and soul necessities.

Here’s the thing: The Universe wants us to have everything we could possibly desire.

God/Goddess/Truth/Spirit/Creator is like a doting, ever-loving caregiver that wants so badly to have us fulfilled in every way:

  • The job you love.
  • The partnership you long for.
  • The peace with your body just as it is.
  • The money that will take care of your bills and allow you to travel.
  • The direction and discernment to fulfill your soul’s mission.

But our subconscious, with all of its stories, blocks and paradigms, stops us from asking, and stops us from receiving.

Ritual short-circuits the old story.

Viewing the day-to-day as sacred, from money, to relationships, to food, to movement, to work, to ourselves gets us out of the way so that we may receive from Spirit.

Sounds easy, huh? It is.

And it’s not.

This is where you Practice Your Craft.


So, how do you know if Everyday Ritual for you?

  • Are you looking to cultivate your spiritual practice, or invigorate it with new life?
  • Do you crave a community of curious, insightful co-creators to have that Real Talk with? (You know the kind I mean. That Real, Deep, Spiritual talk about your practices, synchronicities and ways of the Path)
  • Are you new to ceremony, new to creating your own ceremony, or just looking for a few new tools for your magic bag?
  • Do you have habits you want to kick and replace with–let’s be real–pure magic?
  • Do you have old wounds that you’re ready to heal?
  • Do you want a closer relationship with Spirit, your intuition, Inner Knowledge, Ancestral Wisdom and/or your highest, wisest Self?
  • Are you ready to turn that Manifesting Magic up to 11?
  • Do you want a better, more nourishing relationship to your body, food, how your nourish yourself?
  • Are you looking to be more abundant in love, money, and your Mission?
  • Do you want to bring in more clarity
  • Are you ready to heal yourself, others, and the world–one ceremonial step at a time?

Yes. To all of the above.

You’re ready. Let’s do this.

This is where you get to work, and trade your automatic habits for powerful Rituals.

This is where you make the everyday sacred.

Where you cultivate a practice that serves, nourishes and guides you.

Where you say YES, and call in the life, the circumstances, and the world you desire.

Ritual and ceremony is powerful stuff.

It is the cultivation of your Personal Power.


The Deets:

  • 4 weekly meetings: Tuesdays, September 5-26, 6:30-8:30p. Apothecary Tinctura, 2900 E 6th in Denver, CO.
  • Handouts, worksheets, and meditations for you to explore and integrate between meetings
  • Weekly movement, meditation and journaling exercises
  • A 60-minute one-on-one with me to answer all of your questions, check in, and receive personalized guidance for your own healing journey
  • Access to me, 24/7, for feedback, guidance, and idea manifesting

Think of this as an interactive share, where the knowledge of the circle comes forth as we step into our power as Creators.

Rise to the call of inspiration, curiosity & reverence.

Register Here

Exchange: $225, 50% deposit to reserve your spot

I want you to get the most out of intimate contact with your fellow practitioners and myself, which is why

this circle is limited to 20 participants. 

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge, I highly, highly suggest Get Grounded, an ultra-free resource I put together for a little taste of what you can expect in the full online course. Check it out:


What we’ll cover:

Module One | Unearthing the Path: Exploring Your Practice

module1Maybe you’re coming to this course with an established practice, or you’re craving to begin one and don’t know where to start. Either way, it’s about to get real. In this module,  you’ll become aware of the rituals and habits you already participate in (you ARE participating in MANY daily rituals), and how to enrich the ones that serve you while allowing the unhelpful ones to fall away.

We’ll examine the importance of practice, the nature of reverence, and how small rituals can be the impetus for huge shifts. We’ll discuss what Ritual (with a capital R) is, and I’ll introduce you to a straightforward formula to creating powerful ceremony that gives you the freedom to play, explore, and be curious.

You’ll receive my step-by-step process to clear a space: Smudging! There are so many ways to practice this, and I’ll share the way I was taught: a practice that leaves me grounded, protected, and connected. You’ll be able to adopt the basics, then learn to use your intuition to make it yours.

We’ll cover:

  • An Introduction to the Facets of Ritual
  • Ways to Create Space
  • How to Smudge
  • Cultivating an Intention

Module Two | Invoke the Sacred: Anchor to Your Divine & Express Through Tools

In this Module the magic reeeeally starts to flow. We’ll dive deeply into what form the Divine takes when speaking to you. Whether is the sweetness of la Virgen, or the solidarity of Artemis, the playfulness of the Green Man, or cosmic Bhuvaneshwari,you will tune into the flavor of the Divine the is truest to you in this moment (because it changes!)

You’ll be equipped with the powerful grounding that comes in to supercharge your ceremony and give it the strong vessel to be as potent as possible. Tools are also introduced in this module. This can include candles, scents, plants, crystals, rattles, drums, oracle cards, agua florida–literally anything that helps you transform the ethereal to the manifest. You’ll listen deeply for the tools that beckon you and create a carefully curated toolbox for your personal practice.

We’ll cover:

  • Ritual tools & how to find them
  • Ways the Divine shows Herself: Elements, Directions, Deities, Ancestors, Inner Divinity
  • Invoking your Divine Anchor
  • A simple way to call in the directions (my personal favorite Divine Anchor)

Module Three | Weaving the Practice


In this module, we cover how to structure your ritual with the elements you now have in your toolbox. We’ll explore how to supercharge your practice with the fuel to your sacred fire: appreciation. You’ll learn to embody this sweetness and infuse your practices with the kind of awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping gratitude that changes you.

Weaving is the medicine. You will gather the treasures you’ve uncovered so far and braid them together into your ritual to connect with the divine and manifest your intention. It’s edgy, it’s challenging, it’s hard to fully step into your role as a magic-maker, and this is a full-body YES to surrendering to your own power, the power of the Divine, and to your own inherent gifts.

We’ll cover: 

  • Ritual structure and practice
  • Gratitude & appreciation as fuel for your intention
  • The nature of offerings & exchange
  • Weaving together the elements you’ve explored so far

Module Four | Audacious Reverence: Sustain the Awakening

ethereal-839554_1280.jpgIn this module, trust is the name of the game. By this point, you will have intuited, felt into and developed a short, meaningful ritual that you can use as a jumping off point to go as deep as you want to dive.

It can stay here, and you can play for a while and that’s perfect. But chances are, you have peeked through the keyhole and now want to bust that magical door open.

This is done with infinite trust and surrender.

We’ll cover:

  • Trusting your intuition as your most reliable guide
  • How to adapt your rituals for various situations and intentions
  • Keeping flexibility, fluidity and grace in your practice
  • Where to go from here!

Ready to dive in?

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Exchange: $225, 50% deposit to reserve your spot

Words about Everyday Ritual

“Wow. Everyday Ritual is a divinely crafted, sensorial, luscious, gorgeously weaved course that I am so grateful to have taken part in.
amysegretiRaquel leads with both precision and softness, strength and grace. I engage in lots of courses in the personal development realm, and often feel skeptical at first—but Raquel’s experience and wisdom are clear, and she stewarded us on our own individual and collective journeys throughout the workshop with astounding skill.I felt held, safe, challenged and engaged. I loved the weekly calls, the tangible worksheets she provided, and the private group to connect with our cohorts.I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to anchor in the truth of themselves more deeply in order to live the beautiful expression of that out into the world—for profession or pleasure, for the benefit of themselves and their community. It is so, so worth it.”

Amy Segreti, Lifestyle Coach & Intimacy Educator at Revere: Nights & Live All of You


“Everyday Ritual arrived in my life at the perfect time: I was craving a deeper relationship with myself, but wasn’t sure how to access it.

Raquel’s knowledge and passion for bringing powerful women together, and honoring each of our individual and unique approaches, made it possible for me to “meet” an entirely different version of myself.

I now have an altar that I use daily, a new trust and connection with my body wisdom and intuition, and an amazing group of soul sister friends.”

Becca Close, CMT


“I was on the fence about joining Everyday Ritual because it was an investment of money and time that I wasn’t sure I could make, until Raquel described it as ‘a mastermind and a coven had a baby’ and told me about the other amazing women in it.

With those two magic words I was sold! (And yes, the investment was worth every penny and then some!)

But the magic was only just beginning there….. With Everyday Ritual, Raquel was a master of juxtaposition: guiding us gently yet powerfully while holding the space for each of us to step into our own divine light as we shared our gifts and our wondering, sharing her vast knowledge of ritual while celebrating the unique knowledge each woman brought, and inviting each of us in in such a way to help us feel cherished and valued as individuals while creating an immensely powerful sisterhood.

It has been invaluable to my evolution into the woman I am in my core and wish to share with the world. Thank you Raquel, for believing in our magic and bringing us together.”

Megan Hebbe, Personal Trainer & Coach

“Everyday Ritual with the lovely Raquel Alexandra was a balm to my soul. Raquel’s authenticity shines through in all her offerings, and she has an infectious balance of playfulness and seriousness that made everything both fun and sacred.

I found myself greatly looking forward to the weekly online circle, and greatly appreciated that it was online, as it makes it accessible for all. The class covers the basics of crafting ritual and ceremony that can be personalized for each participant. Raquel has a wealth of knowledge to offer and leads by example through her own personal spiritual practices. She is a true healer who is consistently working on her own healing and helping others do so as well.”
Beth Lebya, Writer & Organizer of One Billion Rising Denver

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