Healing Sessions

Wellness is an incredible adventure

smudgeAnd this is a journey of Awareness & Discovery.

It is a curious contemplation of your truest, highest Self.

The one buried deep in the Earth, the woman your ancestors prayed for.

The woman who exquisitely musses the lines body, mind & soul.

The one who has been tugging at your sleeve, whispering to be set loose.

It is lifting the veil. It is shattering the limiting spectacles that you’ve worn your whole life.

It is Remembering. Resurrecting. Rising.

Through our sessions and practices, you’ll dive deep to meet that Woman. You will channel exactly what you need to create your own ritual, weave your own story, and heal your line.

Your body is the key to innate wisdom. Plugging into that wisdom is an all-access pass to creativity, passion, and exuberant living.

We have forgotten the knowledge of our ancestors: that we are whole, that we already know what we need to heal ourselves. Turning off the noise that orbits around us, getting quiet, and following that inner knowing is the path to self-healing.

Healing your relationship with your body, your relationships with loved ones, money, work, play…the list goes on and on.

Together, we use:

  • embodied, intuitive movement
  • community cultivation
  • energetic clearing and realignment
  • mentoring, platica, & support
  • meditation & visualization
  • crafting meaningful, powerful ritual using cross-traditional tools, spiritual connection & self-care practices

We reach deep into our roots to gather up that wisdom to heal ourselves, and then the world.

That’s right: The World.

You already have the toolkit. Learn to use the tools.


Of course you are. Why don’t you taste before you serving yourself a delectable slice?

Let’s spend about 20 minutes talking what it’s like to have me in your corner as your mirror, your sister, and your unshakeable support in your healing journey. It’s on me.

Go on…