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wombmeditationWomb Meditation

This 13-minute meditation focuses on bringing the energies of the Moon and Earth into the low belly to activate the sacral center. Whether you’re saying hello to your womb space or speak to her on the regular, this offers a grounding, quiet space to receive intuitions from your highest wisdom. #whatdoesyouryonisayaboutit?

Good for creativity, passion, healing and general feminine witchiness. Me-ow.

Listen here.


Dark Queen Meditation

Based on Ritual to Welcome Erishkigal Season, this 12-minute guided visualization is the perfect deep dive for Autumn, the New Moon, your bleeding time, or whenever you have something to release. Get up close and personal with your personal Erishkigal-Kali ma-Tlazoteotl-Heckate-Sacred Bad Bitch and burn up everything you don’t need anymore.Listen here.