Ritual Study: Calling the Directions

Welcome, Ritual Weaver!

I present to you something really special to me: This is one of my favorite ways to greet the day, call in some support, give thanks and pay homage to all the powers, ancestors, deities and elements that be.

For me, this practice is incredibly grounding, and I use it to begin my morning, and also create sacred space when in Circle. The words and medicine wheel I reference are from the Mexica (Aztec) tradition, and they feel right to me. If you have any questions about this, please reach out.

Now, feel free to use my words and actions until your own appear to you, and if you work with another medicine wheel, want to pay homage to other deities, then do that! Research until you find something that feels authentic to you.

What makes this a Ritual Study? I encourage you to think of the Facets of Ritual and elements of Ritual Practice as you read through the text.

Need some reminders?

Facets of RitualRitual Practice (1)

Notice how I set my space, my intentions, my anchoring elements and my tools. Notice my offering.

A few notes: everything in italics is what I say out loud. My actions are bolded.

As soon as I can after waking up, I get outside. Preferably with my toes in the grass, and where I can inhale fresh air as deeply as I possibly can.

Tlazocamati, Huey Yokoyani! Tlazocamati, Ipalnemohuani!

I light a candle.

Ancestors, elders, spirits of the highest love and compassion, I ask this flame be your guiding light to show me my path.

I take a pinch of tobacco, and turn to the East. In the air, I draw a cross surrounded with a circle.

Tlazocamati, Xipe Totec in Tlahuitzlampa, the direction of light and beginnings. I ask that you fan the fire within my heart to start new projects, continue with those worthwhile and manifest my right work in this world. Tlazocamati, Xipe Totec, be with me.

Then I turn to the South, and draw a cross surrounded with a circle:

Tlazocamati, Huitzilopochtli in Huitzlampa, the direction of youth and children. I ask you to keep my heart joyful, keep me curious, playful and resilient, even when it’s hardest to do so. Help me be kind to myself and other, and have compassion and patience when it is most difficult. Tlazocamati, Huitzilopochtli, be with me.

I turn to the West, and draw a cross surrounded with a circle:

Tlazocamati, Quetzalcoatl in Cihuatlampa, the direction of Women. I ask that you root me in my own intuition, in my inner knowing. Help me to remember what I have forgotton, to see what is unseen and to uncover what is beneath the veil. Tlazocamati, Quetzalcoatl, be with me.

I turn to the North, and draw a cross surrounded with a circle:

Tlazocamati, Tezcatlipoca in Mictlampa, the direction of rest and transformation. I ask that my elders, ancestors, helping spirits and guides be with me as I move throughout my day. Help me to see my ancestral wounds and help me to heal them so that I may do my right work in the world. Tlazocamati, Tezcatlipoca, be with me.

I turn my face toward the sky, and draw a cross surrounded with a circle

Tlazocamati, Father Sky! Home to the Celestial Bodies and Planetary beings, the reason we are made manifest here on this plane. Tlazocamati, be with me.

I bring my knees and one hand to the Earth, and draw a cross surrounded with a circle:

Tlazocamati, Mother! I come to you as your humble daughter. Thank you for your support, you grounding, your centering of me and my brothers and sisters. Thank you for nourishing us and our plant and animal brothers and sisters. Help us to take care of you just as you unconditionally care for us. Tlazocamati, Mother, be with me.

I bring my the tobacco to my heart and one hand to my belly.

Tlazocamati, Ometeotl, all of these powers intermingled in my heart. I am the divine made flesh, the hopes and dreams of my ancestors made manifest. Burn brightly so that I may always know the next step on my path, even though the destination is unclear. May my inner light inspire others to see their own Divinity, so that we may heal this world together.

Tlazocamati, Ometeotl!

I close my eyes and take a moment, feeling all these powers with me, supporting me. Then I sprinkle the tobacco onto the Earth (or offer it to a nearby plant!).