Sacred Vessel: ritual + body peace


September Sacred Vessel:

Autumn Healing Song Circle

Thursday, September 28th, 2017
Urban Sanctuary
2745 Welton, Denver, CO

Our voices are vitally important.

They tell the stories that create our reality, speak the prayers that change our world, and send out vibrations with the songs we sing.

The more we use our voices, we have a sense of belonging in the world, taking up space, and speaking our truth. Chanting and singing are PERFECT ways to get into the throat chakra and allow you to express what is meant to come through you!

This month, we’re focusing on the gift of the Medicine Song. We’ll gather in circle to set intentions and use our voices to pray peace into the world, shower blessings, and create our reality.

Chances are you have a drum, rattle or chimes around that you’ve been meaning to use waaaaay more than you have been.

This is your chance! Bring it, and a few rattles/shakers will be available.

What’s a medicine song?

Anything that uplifts your heart, gives you warm fuzzies, and makes you feel light and happy. This can be a Mexica song you were given, a church song that has always stayed with you, something off Frank Ocean’s new album…anything goes.

What if you don’t have an instrument?

Fill a small jar with dried rice, beans or corn. Voila!


Please bring:
Clothes you can move in
A drum/rattle/soundmaker
A song, chant or prayer to share if you are called
Something precious to you for the altar (a piece of jewelry works nicely for this ceremony)

A bit of food to share if you want. No one turns down snacks.

Exchange: Sliding scale $10-$30

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More about Sacred Vessel Circles

How often do we see our bodies as the holy gifts they are?

How can we embody–in the face of millennia of conditioning–that our physical forms are not only GOOD, but EXACTLY how they’re supposed to be?

How can we use the relationship we have with our bodies to go deeper, to heal, and to allow others to heal?

As healers, wisdom keepers and leaders, the relationship we have with our bodies directly impacts our Work.

When we ritualize self-care, begin to address and clear our own stories and the cultural issues that come with inhabiting this body,, we nourish, move and appreciate our vessels for what they are: Sacred Vessels for the Divine.

For most of my life, I fought my body. I battled to be thinner, less hungry, for the number of the scale to be less with every fiber of my being–it was all-consuming. I meticulously counted calories, weighed myself obsessively and over-exercised to the point of injury.

All trying to change something that was already perfect.

It took discovering the tenderness, ferocity and thick thighs of the Goddess to help me work through

Fat, thin, jiggly, smooth, curvy, angular, long, short, and all shades of flesh: YOU are a perfect incarnation of the Sacred Feminine. She gave YOUR body to YOU to do YOUR SPECIFIC WORK.

Let’s work with this. Let’s embody this. Let’s feel this in our bones and heal our relationships with movement, food, and these divine forms. This is the work: To see beyond what we are told to see. To work with our bodies as a gateway to something deeper. To delight in them.

We will move, we will discuss, we will perform a group clearing ceremony to banish old body stories and you will leave with a ritual to support you as you move into nourishing yourself in every way.

It’s gonna be awesome.