Meet My…Tilo!

Just kidding. That’s totally not my tilo. That’s my teacher’s tilo. This is mine: I smuggled her into the country with a few root cuttings, and I’m experimenting with a couple pots around the apartment to see where she does best. Tilo (Justicia pectoralis) is a beautiful, shade-loving shrub that smells like green, grassy vanilla … More Meet My…Tilo!

Yoga, Plants, Spirit, Activism: Working with Open Eyes

The past month has been a whirlwind. A blessed, bellowing, autumnal whirlwind. I completed my prenatal yoga teacher training with two of my incredible teachers, helped out at Yoga Journal’s Game Changers event, and the scooted my sweet self down to Costa Rica to hang out with my curandera/mentor Rachel, under whose tutelage I completed … More Yoga, Plants, Spirit, Activism: Working with Open Eyes

Plants for your Lady Parts: UTITea

Wow, things have been popping around here. In a word: transition. From Costa Rica, between apartments, getting established, re-established and uprooted. Life, love, friendships and money have all been morphing and evolving. It’s an exciting time, and a little challenging to stay grounded and keep that sweet peace I cultivated in the tropics.

Costa Rica: A Solo Trip Downloaded

I left for Costa Rica in March. After 3 months teaching, learning, and becoming incredibly tan and bug-bitten, I’m just now realizing how transformed I am. Coming back to Chicago is bittersweet. It’s almost like I’ve never left. I’ve traded the exhilaration of jungles and mountains for the comforting familiarity of my neighborhood. It’s loud … More Costa Rica: A Solo Trip Downloaded

How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

It’s almost here! Saturday, June 21–the first day of summer, or the summer solstice–marks the day with the most hours of sunlight; from here on out, the days get shorter as we wind down to the winter solstice. Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Incas, Druids, and many other ancient cultures revered equinoxes and solstices, building megalithic structures to … More How to Celebrate the Summer Solstice

Traveling Trysts: Define & Refine Your Standards

Romance on the road is not easy. Sure, the random hookup or make out on the dance floor is fairly straightforward, but sometimes you want more connection. It seems like it would be simple: this totally hot person you just met loves adventure and rootless existence–just like you! Except you’ll both be headed to opposite … More Traveling Trysts: Define & Refine Your Standards