Plants for your Lady Parts: UTITea

Wow, things have been popping around here. In a word: transition. From Costa Rica, between apartments, getting established, re-established and uprooted. Life, love, friendships and money have all been morphing and evolving. It’s an exciting time, and a little challenging to stay grounded and keep that sweet peace I cultivated in the tropics.

Confession of an Herbalist’s Intern: Part One

A lot of people back home are wondering what exactly it is I’m doing here right now. Officially, I’m helping Rachel Thomas–an incredibly knowledgeable, experienced herbalist and spiritual healer here in Puerto Viejo, and the director/owner of Hidden Garden Wellness Center–with admin and retreat business. Unofficially, I’m learning about a little thing we decided to … More Confession of an Herbalist’s Intern: Part One

Quickie Recipe: Easy Peasy Pumpkin Puree

How plentiful is squash right now? Gorgeous varieties are popping up at the market; my favorite is probably the hubbard squash. It looks like a dead zombie squash. I’ve never actually tried it, but it’s apparently sweet and tastes like pumpkin. Speaking of pumpkin: it’s the one squash that reigns supreme in my heart.The past … More Quickie Recipe: Easy Peasy Pumpkin Puree