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Sacred Space & Ritual Creation Modules

You know it when you feel it: whether altarstepping into a yoga studio that has just been cleared or a place of worship or a ceremonial circle.

Sacred space setting is an art that has the power to create strong vessels for transformation for students, clients and the self.

I draw upon my background in yoga, Mexica and Mayan practices, medicinal movement and women’s work to help facilitators to tune into their creative intuition and create reverent space.

There is no one way to do it, no prescription I can give to you that says “Do these steps, and you’re golden.”

What makes this practice powerful is that YOU create it, and there are endless ways to make it happen. Together we’ll explore the elements of cleansing, practical how-to’s, and common ways to set intention, cleanse the self and cleanse the space to create the ideal environment for yourself and your clients to heal and grow.


A few topics we’ll dig into:

  • Why create sacred space?
  • Elements of space cleansing
  • What can ritual do for clients/students?
  • Smudging 101: Cleansing with smoke
  • Using sound to change an environment (rattles, drums)
  • Choosing plants and herbs
  • Calling in the directions
  • Working with elements
  • Clearing Ritual Creation

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have a firm understanding of the basics of space-clearing, a personal ritual that you have created, and the empowerment that comes with commanding another powerful & subtle layer of your practice.

Depending on your needs, these modules can range from a 2-hour workshop to a day-long immersion.

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